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Truffaldino is a gastronomic restaurant which food always attracts a great attention. Our guest are always delighted with our dishes which show them new beautiful tastes. We are proud of our wonderful kitchen. Unique recipes, high-quality products and our chefs’ talent cause a lot of emotions from our guests.

Our menu is based on traditional ingredients and Italian cuisine, including numerous pastas and pizzas. We want to present a lot of classic and amazing combinations of flavors and we’d like to present the best Italian dishes and some of European cooking masterpieces created in other regions for our guests, that’s why our menu is extensive.

Our main goal is to present a full gastronomic experience to the guest, so we are also very keen on the sweet dinner end. Our menu includes a lot of wonderful desserts, some of which can be tried in our restaurant only!

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We offer
Fresh seafood
Traditional pizza
Authentic Italian pasta
Original Italian wines
Fragrant coffee and desserts
We change the stereotypes

The best way to make your mood better is to visit Truffaldino restaurant.
Here you can really enjoy authentic Italian cuisine.
More than twenty kinds of pastes and a half dozen pizzas, cucumbers, ravioli, lasagna are waiting for you.
You can taste a good steak from marbled beef,
order a rack of lamb or a variety of seafood.
Even the usual dishes turn into gourmet ones.

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Feedback from our guests
“Really good Italian restaurant. All dishes are tasty. It was nice the staff responded to our requests and cooked everything very quickly. The interior is pleasant. The location is convenient. I’ll recommend it to everyone!”
Yegor Malygin
“When I have time for visiting this beautiful restaurant, I always try taste new menu items. And all new dishes are very tasty. Fish and pumpkin soup - I'm ready to come up with a reason to visit Greenwich for eating them once again. Fish hot is amazing - the fish is not frozen and made with professionally. I advise to visit this wonderful restaurant to those who want to spend the evening with delicious food and pleasant atmosphere!”
Anna Zhivotinskaya
“The restaurant has very delicious dishes, special thanks to the chef, the dishes serving take a little time. The staff is very friendly I’m pleased with the service!”
Pavel Andreevich
Our address
8 Marta St, 46
"Greenwich" Mall
3rd turn, 3rd level
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Working hours
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 23:00
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